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Get Simple? I Will Show You Simple & Cheap & Easy


Show You Simple


You Want Simple? I Will Show You Simple and Cheap and Easy but Good Telephone Service?


I use Ting and I am proud to use it! There I have said it! O.K. Ting is somehow connected to Sprint and I do not care how. Perhaps they use their networks. Ting costs my wife and I together about $40 bucks a month. That is for both of us. Neither of us uses the phone much but we do call each other and talk for about 20 minutes everyday as she comes home from work. I have no fear using minutes to talk to the kids and maybe 10-15 texts a month. We are not heavy phone users but I can’t sit here and worry about minutes either. I was using my phone fairly heavily for business making 20 calls a day for about 3 months and my bills went up to about $47.

No contract! If you don’t like em leave em! NQA!

Bring you own phone to the rodeo. There may be some limitations on this.

We have had some times when way out in the middle of nowhere (and you can really get into the middle of nowhere in Texas) the cell reception was sketchy, but that is rare.

If you use more minutes it will cost you more but no $.25 cents a minute like Consumer Cellular.


Show You Simple


I have been with them for almost 3 years. I am happy.

If you talk 3 house a day and live on your phone it may not work for you but you end up paying for the time and texts you use as you go.

In fact they will pay your bill for you if you refer a friend every month. I am doing that here.


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