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What kind of phone do I have


The ultimate universal guide to finding out what version and model number of phone you have

or the answer to the question what kind of phone do I have?

We have all been there.. Your phone starts to loose charge seemingly faster than before and you go into the system and look through an clean out some of the apps and nonsense that you wonder why you had on the phone anyway. The phone is all nice and clean and you charge it up just to check how well you did and much to your dismay you find it lasted about 30 minutes longer. Helped some but not really what you needed.

You are off to look for a battery of which there are more than a few different types so you are smart and order it by the nomenclature of t the phone right? OK where is it?

There are in fact many places that it can be now days but let us start here: remember that box the phone came in when you purchased it? Seems like a great spot to start but hmmmm here is the box. There was some literature in there with the phone buuuut. OK all is not lost we have several places to go before we are sunk.

Take a quick look at the back of the outer casing. Some phones have it there and Samsung springs to mind on this one. No luck with yours huh?

Ok, we have to dig a little deeper and crack the case (no pun intended) usually you will have to pull out the batterey and right underneath you can see the model # fcc id meid dec meid hex and low and behold the serial number of the device. All you really need out of all of this is the manufacturers name and the model number there may also be a V # or version # that if it is there may be a good thing to mention when you are purchasing a battery.

If you do not like tearing things apart like I do turn the phone on and go to your settings and go down to something like about this device click and it will give you all of the information that we just spoke about and probably way more than you ever would need.

I hope this helps you whenever you need a new battery or need to prove that you have the newest and best version of your new cell phone.